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Story of “Bleve”

November 5, 2011
Story of “Bleve”

If you asked a five year old to write a story about Belief what would it say? Here is what the “five and three quarters” year old that lives with us wrote: The story  of bleve You  haft   to       bleve      in  something Or  you  will  be nothing You  haft     to  do   something  good You  are   […]

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Define It

April 19, 2011
Define It

Have you ever been in “the zone”?  What two words describe it?  What color was it?  What’s an image that describes it? I call my “zone” Belief Energy.  This image partially describes it for me.  It doesn’t offer the warm colors of the sun which I associate with my peak life chapters, but it does […]

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