Gettin’ Busy.

September 24, 2011

Why are you “soo busy”?

People keep themselves obsessively busy for several reasons:

  1. Their work aligns with their values so the more they do the more they’re fulfilled.
  2. The monetary or recognition from their work are too great to pass up.
  3. The fear of scarcity, failure or something even more scary propels them.
  4. They’re masking something painful that slowing down might unleash.
  5. They’re competitive and know that the only way to be number one is to put in the hours.

My manic periods of activity are informed by elements of all five.  I keep weekends mellow, but weekdays are busy.   Below is what my September 13th involved according to Outlook.  The scary thing is this was just my LinkedIn for Good (“9-5”) day.  Family and Belief Energy work started after 8pm. :)

Being an inspired:

  • Father
  • Partner
  • Enabler of positive social change (social intrapraneur), and
  • Facilitator of the Belief Energy conversation are important to me.

My callings and missions in these areas energize me and keep me busy.  I give all of them 100%.  This is possible because I’m:

  • Fueled by soul compassion and the buzz of change and creation.
  • Supported by a loving tribe that inspires honesty and laughter.
  • Ever surging, curious & learning daily in all my callings.
  • A Man of Action crafting my own Mission, Role and Goal based on my Core4+2 values.

Going ALL-IN is fulfilling, but tiring.  I’ve had the pedal down for the past few months.  Pursuing inspired callings that align with my Core4+2 values stokes my Belief Energy, but can also impact my physical and emotional health and my connecting with the present moment.   For me, more activity can mean less of the below:

  1. Quiet unplugged time and deep restful sleep.
  2. Relaxed trail runs on Mount Tam (alone or with pals).
  3. Deep connection and distraction-free time with my loved ones.

That’s not good.  Not for me or my family.  Not balancing “Surge” with “Rest” makes the surge unsustainable over time.   As my dad said to me in a phone conversation recently, “The only thing I worry about with you is that you go so hard you’ll make yourself sick.”  I don’t think I’ll make myself sick from exertion anytime soon, but I do need to pay attention to my dad’s words.

I plan to keep the pursuit of my callings at 100%, but also plan to step up the three things listed above.  My run from  San Francisco to Mill Valley (10 glorious miles) over bridge and trail with two close pals last night was a great first step.  Seeing the orange setting sun and silhouetted Marin Headlands hills we’d just ascended peeking through the puffy white fog was unbelievable.  We screamed with joy.  Tears filled my eyes when I turned a corner out of the mossy trees and saw Mount Tam looming beyond Tam Valley for the first time in weeks.

Most of us keep our lives busy. Are we asking ourselves why?

Assignment: Next time you’re really BUSY, ask yourself why you are.  Journal about it.  What’s driving it?  What are you running away from or to?  What are you sacrificing during your manic periods?  What can you do to bring “Rest” to your “Surge”.






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One Response to Gettin’ Busy.

  1. LisAnne Becotte on September 25, 2011 at 12:07 AM

    ACTION must come after BELIEFE~ThankYOU

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