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April 5, 2011

Have you defined the the things that power or powered your most happy and successful life chapters?  I started this Belief Energy community last month to help people define, access, expand and sustain the happiness and success they’re capable of realizing.

Belief Energy is my power source.  It’s the framework I live and work by.  It’s the product of 17 years of self-observation and journaling.  It propels and directs my present, but doesn’t disregard the future.  Again, my goal is not to force my framework on anyone or any organization.  It’s to enable a community of people to define, access, expand and sustain their own version of Belief Energy.  The Core 4 aspects that power my happiness and success (in priority order) are:

  • Soul
  • Tribe
  • Health
  • Action

Each part of the Core 4 has 2 additional aspects that further define it.  My Core 4+2 is ever evolving, but over the past 17 years these things working in concert are what has brought me the most happiness and success.

  • Soul- Authenticity & Compassion
  • Tribe- Home & Support
  • Health- Surge and Rest & Curiosity
  • Action-  Role and Goal & Man of Action



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2 Responses to Core4+2 Short

  1. Bishopovalley on April 6, 2011 at 8:47 PM

    Tell me more about “Role & Goal”.

    • bryangbreckenridge on April 7, 2011 at 2:24 AM

      Role & Goal will get its own post as more thoughts leap from my journal to the blog, however there are three key things that come to mind for me:
      – Roles in anything should be flexible early on, but get very clear (elevator pitch clear) over time. They should also remain flexible. We should know our role or roles as individuals, but be mindful of how our role relates to others in the tribe.
      – The best goals are missions. They should consider all of the Core4 (not just the recognition aspects of Support typically used to reward Action. The best goals benefit the broader world. They are more interesting to me then goals that offer rewards of pleasure to a selfish few. I can summon finite, less authentic “Action” for old paradigm goals (one dimensional profit motive), but I can summon Belief Energy for goals that are more like missions. They bring more of my Soul and Compassion fuel up.
      – Living too much in result or outcome (especially financial) goal-setting can limit the amount of Belief Energy we unleash. It’s important to be mindful of the intended result, but even more mindful of the pursuit of mastery. Living with integrity in the now is bound to carry us to outcome we genuinely want.

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