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June 27, 2011

What symbol represents your optimal living (your Belief Energy)?  Have you ever drawn it?  What color is it?  Does seeing it bring you back into the moment and into your calm powerful self?

My Belief Energy is a sun.

I possess the power of the sun when connected with the present and living in my values.

When my soul and action are both engaged, light is produced.  I glow because I do worthwhile work and live the life I want.  I live my truth.  Unlike the real sun, my core is stable (and cooler…thankfully).  Can you imagine having 13.6 million Kelvin heartburn…yikes!

Having a visible symbol makes Belief Energy even more present in my everyday life.  Beyond the sun and the Hindu om seen below, very few visible symbols inspire my eyes, brain and soul.

The sun, like Belief Energy, is valuable to individuals, tribes and the world.

In March of this year I decided to DEFINE what optimal living looked and felt like for me.  I gave optimal living a nickname (Belief Energy) and started listing all the things that had contributed to one of my life’s best chapters.  It looked like this.  As you can see, my scribbles and drawings emanate from the center of the page like heat and light emanate from the sun’s core.


APPLY an integration of my Core4 values to real life everyday.  My Belief Energy glows brightest when I’m:  Soul rooted, Tribe supported, Health fueled and Action oriented.  They’re all integrated, but this is the the way Belief Energy flows for me.

I draw my Core4 values like this to resemble the inner compass I travel through life with.  The values it represents inform my decisions and actions and power my fulfilling, laughter filled life.

My Core4 values.


Summarizing vast live areas into four single words wasn’t possible for me.  I needed to EXTEND each value.   I decided to add two defining words or phrases to each value (Core4+2).

Plotting them this way allows me to see how each element relates to it’s corresponding element.   Seeing how Soul and Tribe relate (on the y axis) or Authenticity and Support is really interesting, for example.  It also helps me break my values into integrated quadrants. Seeing how Health and Tribe blend together (in the northwest quadrant), for example, is helpful when contemplating my values or applying them to a personal decision.

My Core4+2 values.

Visualizing, drawing, writing about, etc. the above sun symbol helps me SUSTAIN Belief Energy…come what may.  Optimal living can be sustained.



Thoughts that surface when I ponder the sun as a symbol for Belief Energy:

Soul: Compassion & Authenticity –  The sun gives heat & powers growth. My truth (my genuine self) is radiant.

Tribe: Support & Home –  Most of my favorite days lived involved family, friends and a bright sunny day.

Health: Curiosity & Surge and Rest – I read books at my hide-away in the Florida Keys.  I’ve had amazing outdoor expeditions in sunny places.

Action: Man of ActionRole and Goal –  Man of Action days often involve sun and sweat.  Running on hills in the sun works every time.



  • Create a nickname for your optimal living.
  • List what made/makes it possible.
  • Draw it (your symbol).
  • Journal about the symbol.
  • Discuss it with friends and family.
  • Post it on the Belief Energy facebook page.
  • Wear sunscreen. :)


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