The new “ROI”

June 12, 2011

Have you noticed how good it feels to:

  • free your feet from your work shoes in the evening?
  • release from a deep hamstring or other physical stretch?
  • help a client at work overcome a success barrier they face using your product or services?

Release from a perfectly good plane three years ago this month.

I have. In fact, now that I ponder it, I notice how good all forms of release feel to me, literal or symbolic.

My maiden skydive, a symbolic and literal leap of faith into a new life identity, came during my intense and painful transition out of marriage three years ago.  The leap required me to release my inclination to tighten down and control everything.  It was symbolic of the impermanence in this life.  It reminded me that life is about having faith that free fall DOES end with safe landing.

My release from a perfectly good plane AND safe landing provided a rush of energy I’ll never forget.  The surge of belief in myself and those around me also escalated after my first skydive.

I’m fortunate  to enjoy or look back on many forms of release in my life (some more significant than others):

  1. Checking things off my two To-Do lists daily (one personal & one professional).
  2. Freeing a splinter or blemish from my skin.  Especially if pressure has built up.  (So gross I know, but so pleasurable…RIGHT?!).
  3. Removing my contacts after a long day of windshield, computer monitor or swimming pool time.
  4. Switching into comfy workout clothes after a day in more formal (barely more formal) attire.
  5. Reaching the summit of a steep hill on a trail BEAM (Belief Energy And Motion trail run).
  6. Stretching in the hot tub a day after a long hilly run.  See this post for more on that
  7. Enjoying the emotional and physical release found in sexual intimacy with my partner. (Subject of a future best-seller…:)…!)
  8. Going on vacation after an intense period of surge. See this post for more on BeEnergy vacations
  9. Release from unhealthy or less fulfilling relationships that extracted belief and energy from my life vs. fostering them.
  10. Transition from  (after living into the lessons provided by) life chapters that didn’t align with my Belief Energy peak living priorities.

Every single exhale I produce can be a release from tension or dis-grace….If I’m mindful or connected enough to remember it!

Expanding on this theme… Meditation, in the way I approach it, helps me feel a release from the constant barrage of thoughts.  On second thought (haaaaa), thinking doesn’t stop during my practice.  I’m just less addicted to the thoughts that arise during a sit.  In practice, I honor thoughts but allow them to float away… Applying this state to the rest of my waking hours as much as I can really helps.  I’m sure it will be a never ending dance for most of us.

Release plays an important role in all areas of my Core4+2:

My Core4+2...The overlapping sources of Belief Energy, my priorities for optimal living. What are yours?

Soul: Compassion requires me to release my selfish perspective.  Even this article, an authentic share of my perspective, is a form of release for me.  I’ve had a desire to write about belief building release for many years.  What an amazing feeling of release I’m experiencing right now for finally sharing these words.

Tribe: I surround myself with people that can teach, support and inspire me. The folks I hang with respect and are at Home with release even if they’ve never thought of it in this way (until now)…:)

Health: My constant curiosity represents my release of intellectual arrogance. Releasing hyper-confidence that I have it all figured out. Living humbly in beginner-mind as much as possible daily.  Release is present in the Rest part of my Surge and Rest.

Action: The bliss of release aka Rest is part of the reason I over-achieve (Surge as a Man of Action) in almost everything I do. I’m propelled by the grace I feel when I earn: a finish line or summit (after a 2-12 hour run), smiles on the faces of those I love, a whopping professional recognition, etc. Like a meal tastes better when you’re ravenously hungry (food literally brings me to tears at times), Rest feels better after Surge.  Release is a factor in my Role & Goal as the facilitator of this conversation.  This conversation is meant to enable release from unconscious or sub optimal living.

Ideally, being mindful of the great aspects of release will help me experience them even without the corresponding Surge. Can you imagine how it would feel to live in a constant orgasmic state? It will be tiring, but I’m willing to run that risk. :)

On the professional front, the best chapters in my work life have involved me helping people or organizations overcome their barriers to optimal living or success.   The most successful people I know are good release enablers.  They find ways for the audiences they serve to achieve a release from their challenges, be they operational inefficiency, hunger, disease, homelessness, whatever.  They offer some combination of financial, social or personal ROI (Release on Investment) :).


Part 1:

  • Journal a list of minor releases that you experience frequently (eg. Eating lunch outside during an office day).
  • Now journal a list of more significant releases (eg. Leaving a crappy job).
  • Now journal a list of incredibly significant releases (release from: prison, bad marriage, addiction, etc).
  1. What aspects of release are beneficial to you?
  2. What is their common thread?
  3. What does release teach you?

Part 2:

Analyze your past or current releases through the lens of your Core4+2. What relationship does Release have with your peak living values/priorities (your version of Belief Energy)?

Part 3:

Find a calm safe place. Inhale deeply then contemplate the items on your lists one at a time on your exhales. Connect with the beautiful lessons your releases have taught you. Repeat this down your entire list several times.

I work to apply the grace and happiness that experiencing and enabling release brings me into my daily life. Would doing this benefit you too?

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