BEing Simply

October 17, 2015

Ever make excuses or over-complicate the process of doing healthy things (like exercise) to the point of not doing them?

I’ve been doing that lately… It’s become my excuse to not move my body (aka BEAM- Believe Energy & Motion… aka run on trails) as much as I’d like to.

This morning I ignored my excuse making and over-complication routine.  Instead of dwelling on all this to the point of not going:

  • Do you want to take your phone?  It has GPS… a camera…it keeps time.
  • I could make some calls…
  • Is your water bottle clean and full?
  • Did you eat enough?
  • Are your socks the right ones?
  • Should I invite a fellow runner- like Bob?
  • Where will I run?
  • Will my left hip be too sore?

I simply put on my shoes and ran out the door.  It was only for 20 minutes, but it was amazing.  I kept BEing simple.

I even simplified my thoughts as I ran.

  • …You’re just out here BEing on a run.
  • …Just take breaths and move your feet.
  • …Simply notice the sunrise beauty.
I took breaths.  I simply put on shoes (and clothes) and ran out the door.  No more over-complicating excuses.

BEing simply – removes excuses and barriers.

Assignment- Remove over-complication and excuses in something in your life that serves you- especially if it’s healthy and you’re keeping yourself from it.



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