BEing @40

January 24, 2015

This list found my journal pages on a flight this week.  I hope it contributes to your version of optimal living (aka BEing).

1.  Do the stuff that lights you up the most.

2. Life is fluid.  Flow with it.  Be fluid.

3. The more you notice the chain of nows the better.  This breath… This breath.

4. Stop lying or never start.

5. Always ask folks, “How can I support you?”

6. When you fall.  Get up.

7. Do your best.  All-Ways.

8. Construct plans (in pencil).

9. Laugh as much as you possibly can.

10. Always choose kindness…Especially with yourself.

11. Hug ‘em all.

12. Journal and meditate lots.  They are great for you in so many ways.

13. Think and feel “may you be happy” when you greet folks…True life-changer.

14.  Mentors, therapists and coaches are great to have in your pit crew.

15.  Check out the places art meets nature.

16.  Sit in hot tubs and saunas more.

17. Live, learn and set intentions that align with your ever-evolving truth.

18. Invest in yourself, your loved ones and others.

19. Respect how connected we all are and how much our thoughts, words and actions affect the whole.

20. Surrender control sometimes.

21. Keep it loose and tight (allow and earn it).

22. Grow and evolve every chance you get, but keep a core of love, humor, flexibility and awareness.

23.  Keep more than just your mind in the driver’s seat.

24.  Be willing to pay your dues.  But ask for your full worth when it’s time.

25.  Don’t sell out.

26.  Embrace and cherish your potential.  Arrive at it.  Share it generously.

27.  Take non-doing seriously.  Pauses can advance endeavors as much or more than exhaustive action sometimes.

28.  Be open.  Don’t judge or compare yourself to others too much.  At least notice when you do.

29.  Bundle longing AND patience together.

30.  Let emotions, especially difficult ones visit.  Have tea with them.   Notice their instruction.  Then let them leave.

31. When joy visits (real joy)…Cherish it…fully feel it.  Then let it float off.  There’s no need to get too attached or materialistic about it.  Feel it.  Cherish it.  Note its imprint.  Share it.

32.  Gratitude isn’t just for Hallmark cards.  It’s a smart lifestyle.

33.  Move your body enough to get tired.  Showers/baths feel better.

34.  Remember you can’t always think yourself to a solution.

35.  Keep trying stuff and embracing mystery.

36.  Don’t be arrogant.

37.  Fear and doubt are your teacher not your master.

38.  Find a calling not just a job.

39.  Mission adrenaline (aka dream energy) is real.  You’ll know it.

40.  Turn bravely into life’s storms.  You grow more… Plus, they pass faster.


I’m 40.  That’s why I stopped here.  I wonder what my list will like at 50, 60,70… J


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