November 23, 2014

What is BElossoming in your life (at home or work) right now?

The dictionary I just opened to define “blossom” mentioned a “peak period of development”.  So I’ll ask again [sans the clever use of BE in the word], what is blossoming in your life right now?

I’m experiencing and observing growth and blossom in all Core4 BEing aspects right now.  Even the green ferns were blossoming on my favorite mountain this morning.  It feels great.  It stirs up a strong sense of gratitude in me.  I hope my present experience inspires you to reflect on yours.

Here’s the blossom summary my journal captured earlier by aspect:


  • I continue to open to the love and steadfastness that’s being presented to me.
  • I see colleagues transforming as they get more involved in the compassionate endeavors I’m making available to them.
  • My inner calm is blossoming and is more accessible daily… come what may.



  • I continue to invest in self-care and my mental and physical capacity.
  • I’m growing as a thought-leader, inspirer, and change-agent.
  • I invest in my self, triBE and mission even when fear offers its lessons.
  • I’m learning what makes the nonprofit sector tick.
  • I find silence (a calm reflective pause) at least once a day.
  • I ran trails near this waterfall for three hours this morning.


  • My professional calling to enable people and organizations to reach or exceed their potential is in full blossom.
  • Enabling transformation for people and organizations with compassionate callings lights me up.  I’m brighter daily.
  • The programs I helped start at and LinkedIn for nonprofits are scaling their impact massively.
  • Here are two artifacts that represent my mission-based brightening:

A talk I did about BEing for 600 folks last month in SF.

A video that overviews the initiative I’m leading.

The only thing that I hope won’t continue to BElossom in my life?…  This pesky chest cold.

Assignment:  Journal about what’s blossoming in your life.  What enables it?  What are you doing to let it happen?  What are you doing to make it happen?  Discuss your journal entry with a member of your triBE.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


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