BEing with Women

September 14, 2014

What women have  inspired you or contributed to your version of optimal living (BEing)?

I’m fortunate in this area:

  • I was raised by two inspiring women.
  • I’m raising an inspiring young woman.
  • I’m dating an inspiring woman.

I’m constantly surrounded by exceptional female BEings.  A year an a half ago (April ’13) I gave a keynote in San Francisco about five of them.

The talk, called BEing with Women, is not a Don Juan’s guide to being with women in the way you my have first thought.  That’s another talk I’ll publish another time.  :)  In fact, the talk offers insights into the four optimal living (BEing) aspects I live and guide by:  Soul, Tribe, Health & Action.  

More importantly, the keynote highlights the stories of women I’ve encountered in life (or been raised by) that embody each aspect well.

I hope their stories inspire you to pause to contemplate your way of being.  More importantly, I hope the talk contributes to your way of BEing!

Assignment:  Brew a cup of tea and listen to this talk.  Journal about women in your life that have influenced or currently influence the Soul, Tribe, Health & Action aspects of your life.  Contemplate and journal about how they embody or inspire you in each of these BEing aspects.

Call them and say thank you.  :)

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