BEing In Change

May 10, 2014

What impact does change have on you?  How does finishing something and starting something new make you feel?

For some, change is the scariest thing in life.  It makes sense to me.  Our brains work hard to keep us free from pain and threat.  When is threat more present than in life’s transitions?  Predictability and repetition help people with this wiring feel safe and happy.

I, on the other hand, have become a change junky.  I feel a surge of self-love/belief and get energized in times of change.  Right now I feel more alive than I have in a while.   Currently, I’m:

  • In professional transition (new employer, role, level of responsibility, commute, parenting routine/nanny, etc).
  • Exploring a new romantic interest (a whole new compatibility/alignment experience that feels good).
  • Changing little stuff-  Driving a new car around, Trying new kinds of yoga, buying some new clothes..

I’ve spend the past few transitional weeks in self inquiry about this.  The following things have made BEing (optimal living) possible for me lately:

1.)  Pausing.  Adrenaline floods my system during change.  Pausing helps me harness and direct the surge into the right places.  Getting quiet during the loudest times helps me remain rooted in my soul values (compassion, love, humor, etc.)
2.)  Folding my trusted tribe into my experience.  Garnering feedback and support before, during and after major changes always helps.  In the end, the decisions and path are up to me and only me, but it’s wonderful to feel supported throughout the process.  I’ve asked for help!
3.)  Seeing change as an emotional and intellectual growth opportunity helps.  New endeavors always yield new awareness and knowledge.  I’m soaking it up!
4.)  Keeping fit AND getting plenty of rest during transition is key.  Few things tax the system more than major life changes.  Be gentle with you.
5.)  Constructing an informal or formal plan for myself.  Starting with boulders… then the rocks… then the sand.  :)
The only things we can count on in life is change.  There’s no reason to identify too concretely with any title or role you choose.  It’s going to change soon enough!
  • Keep your heart and mind open to anything.  
  • Pause long enough to fully experience change (all the scary and exciting aspects of it).
  • Choose the BEst path for yourself.
  • Make clear and decisive decisions about where you’re headed.
  • Pour your entire heart and soul into what you choose… until the next transition opportunity presents itself.
Assignment:  Reflect on a major life transition you’ve experienced.  Journal about it.  How did you live before, during and after it?


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