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May 4, 2013

Do you let negativity, fear or insecurity take hold?

Inner tightening from all these threats causes hardship for most of us.

That said, I’m committed to allowing anything that causes me to tighten or withdraw from myself (my soul) to drop by at anytime, but I refuse to give it a home in my psyche.


  • People lie to you or cover up important events. 
  • Relationships shift.  
  • People pass from this life.  
  • Business deals or jobs go south.
  • Traumatic or mildly negative experiences from the past reappear. 
  • Rain falls from the sky after a warm and sunny streak.

This stuff happens.  It’s all part of the universe being itself.  Our minds can obsess on or punish us with it.  Our minds can also lock everything including our hearts/souls down to avoid the feelings all of it causes.

In my version of BEing:

  • I turn into the storms and scary stuff when it arrives.
  • I “relax and release” all of it (Michael Singer’s phrase in his book “Untethered Soul”).
  • I learn.  I feel and think this phrase, “Thank you, and yes.”
  • I live fully in all my integrated Core4 living aspects (Soul, Tribe, Health and Action)

I’ve encountered at least ten intense life lessons/life shifts already in 2013.  Because of my commitment to allowing, earning and sustaining my version of fully BEing I’m a stronger and more open person for it.

In 2013 I’ve:

  • Rooted and paused in my authenticity and compassion (vs getting fake and selfish).
  • Surrounded myself with an incredible tribe that support me.  Always been “home”.
  • Remained curious/learning and elevated my physical health dramatically.
  • Continued my mission, role and goal to enable the world’s enablers come what may.

My commitment to seeking and choosing my truth while letting go of threats or triggers has me living an incredible NOW.  As I draw in a deep breath in this moment I am open, strong, loving, connected and happy.

One final tip an important person (Kim-Monique Johnson) passed to me during the hardest part of my year… “BE gentle with yourself.”


Assignment:  Next time your palms or pits sweat from a zing of pain, fear, stress, insecurity, doubt…take the deepest breath you ever have.  Reread this post and respond to the zing with your version of what’s worked for me.






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