I choose BEing

July 15, 2013

What do I deserve?  I deserve everything.  

What do I need?  I already have it.  

But, now for the harder question…What do I choose?  

I visit this challenging inquiry in all my core4 BEing aspects as often as possible.  Please do yourself a favor and answer these four questions.  


  1. Soul (internal values) do I choose?
  2. Tribe (relationship approach) do I choose?  
  3. Health (mental & physical) do I choose? 
  4. Action (life’s mission & plan) do I choose?
Remember, you’re answering these questions for you…Not for anyone else [not even the closest members of your tribe].  Here’s how I  would approach answering these questions:
  • 1.)  BEfore I drop/dive in, I pause allowing my brain to settle and my feelings [my deeper truth] to emerge.  To arrive at this deeper state of BEing, I  sit quietly in meditation [ideally in a cedar sauna], do a yoga class with Julie Locke, listen to calm music deep breathing, or go on a BEautiful trail run.  Everyone’s BEst pause approach is their own.  Sometimes just two or three deep conscious breaths is enough. :)
  • 2.)  After pausing and allowing myself to open up, I journal wildly and loosely about each BEing aspect.  I release all my messy thoughts AND feelings onto a page.  My initial goal isn’t to answer the questions directly…It’s to get everything that I hold in my brain and heart onto the page.  Past, present and future stuff is welcome  Dreams and fears are welcome.  Don’t forget to take lots of rich deep breaths during this process.  Let it flow.
  • 3.)  Then, without imposing pressure on myself, I summarize my thoughts in each BEing aspect.  I make sure the things I’ve written are my truth, not just words or a false sales pitch for others or myself.  Once my summary thoughts [truths] are on paper I step away from the journal.  I repeat …I STEP AWAY FROM THE JOURNAL….:).  
  • 5.) After enough time away from the task that my brain has let it go, I revisit my truth summaries.  Again…Are they my real truth?   Am I contemplating the aspects and my optimal life within them fully regardless of the limitations my current life or fears impose?  
  • 6.)  After adjusting, adding to or further summarizing my thoughts and feelings I venture to arrive at clear answers to each question.  I choose to share my answers with thousands of people, but that’s my truth.  You might want to share yours with someone you love and trust or keep them to yourself.  Everyone collaborates differently.
  • 7.)  I ponder my answers.  Am I living in alignment with my final answers about what I choose [even if it pushes me outside my comfort zone]? Narrowing the gap between my answers and my reality is where my real work is.  It’s also where my fuller BEing is.  Fully BEing is the comfort zone I choose.
Process summary:
  1. – Pause
  2. – Journal wildly
  3. – Summarize
  4. – Pause
  5. – Truth check
  6. – Answer & Share
  7. – Ponder
I’ll discuss the way I narrow the gap to keep myself in what I choose (fully BEing) in a near future post.  In that post, we discuss building out a “Plan BE”.  :)

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