be or BE. Your call.

November 25, 2012

Ever get caught up in a storm of annoying or negative thoughts?

being & BEing in one day.

At the beginning of a journaling session an hour ago I felt like the top half of this picture.  Within 20 minutes I felt like the bottom half (a pic I took south of San Francisco this morning).  Here’s what the journal entry that pulled me out of the storm said:

“I can just be:

  • My eye sockets are sore and dry.
  • My gut feels bloated.
  • I need a haircut.
  • Time to shave the “Movember” stache off.
  • Why is my management team so rigid on…?
  • This weekend  is flying by.
  • Is that dog poop on my shoes?
  • My post surgery dog has us pinned at home.
  • I’m a junk food vaccume lately.
  • I need to sit more.
  • Am I explaining spirituality & religion to my daughter correctly?
  • Will the nonprofit world continue to support my work?
  • Why haven’t I run this weekend?
  • Why does my car’s steering wheel squeek when I turn?
  • My car is filthy.
  • My garage and office need to be organized.
  • Is my Belief Energy work going anywhere?
  • Does BEing really matter?

OR, I can sit quietly at my backyard table for a few minutes with my journal nearby.

Pause…feel thankful.


BEing after a pause. A journaling view.

AND, I can:

  • Hear the birds chirping in fall trees.  So many sounds…
  • Feel the clean cool breeze on my face
  • Give thanks that I ate delicious food this Thanksgiving
  • Enjoy the cool antique plane that is flying over in the blue sky
  • Cherish my family’s health…and mine!
  • Run with a good friend (or solo) in the morning
  • Know and feel the signifigance my nonprofit and belief energy missions
  • Feel that my Core4 living aspects (soul, tribe, health, action) still feel right
  • Love the warm fall sun filtering through the trees
  • Feel my shoulders drop away from my temples
  • Feel my eye-sockets ease
  • Feel my mind slow down and my heart warm up
  • BE glad our friends (Sean & Marissa) are visiting today
  • Get excited for momentum in all my missions
  • Respect the flow of things as they are

I can fully BE.”

We all have a choice- be or BE.  Every minute and everyday we get to choose.

I choose to BE.


Assignment:  Grab a journal the next time you enter an annoying or negative thought storm.  Pause in a comfortable place.  Write out all the annoying stuff.  Pause again (longer this time).  Write a less annoying list.  Have more confidence in and live more the 2nd list.  :) Share your 2nd list on the Belief Energy facebook page.

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