Rest & Surge

November 19, 2012

Do you ever pause in life to recharge and allow a sense of flow?

My teacher.

My long time friend Brian and I paused several times during a trail run this weekend to feel and savor the sights and sounds of flowing water on our favorite mountain.  Water is a good teacher…It:

  • Hydrates those around it (compassionate?)
  • Changes state, but remains itself
  • Relaxes & lets gravity do the work
  • Flows around daunting obstacles

We all need to pause from time to time within the hectic, brain dominated lives we lead…Even during mellow trail runs.  Pausing, even if for a minute, brings us back to the ground…to ourselves.  Pausing helps us:

  • Regain an awareness of the present
  • Calm our busy, fear hatching brains
  • Connect with our quieter inner selves
  • Sense the flow we all have access to

Like a good night’s rest can be more beneficial than another workout or all-nighter before a big race or meeting, pausing helps us recharge , flow &  BE.

Though the waterfall pauses during our favorite hobby help us the most, our mountain trail runs also strengthen our lungs and muscles, give us a sense of connection and accomplishment and give us hours to calmly discuss and celebrate every aspect of our lives.  By the end of each run we’ve intentionally discussed all of our Core4 BEing aspects:

  • How we feel about life & our inner compass (Soul)
  • How our friends, family & colleagues are doing (Tribe)
  • How we’re advancing in mind and body (Health)
  • How our missions & projects are progressing (Action)

Pause. Allow flow & BEing.

Pausing and watching water flow down mossy rocks under a redwood canopy [or whatever your version of this is] helps.  Running on beautiful trails while catching up with friends [or whatever your version of this is] helps, as well.  Integrating the two is a recipe for flow & BEing.

Integrating rest [allowing] and surge [earning] roots me deeply in my chosen self and life.  Applying a broader version of  this  integration to life helps me experience and sustain flow and BEing [optimal living].

I’m excited about this moment.  I’m also excited to see where the flow will carry me.

Assignment:  If you ever experienced your version of the integration referenced above, journal about it.

  • When do you apply it?
  • What does it look like?
  • What benefit does it bring you?

Determine a way to incorporate it (or a new version of it) into your hobby or broader life.  Share the ideas you have about it with lots of us eager to learn from you on the BE facebook page.

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