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April 6, 2011

Do you like hiking or trail running?  Do you enjoy hiking or trail running with friends?  Do you talk along the trail?  Does being in nature rejuvenate or energize you?  Do the wide open vistas (like the one below taken from Mount Tam) take your breath away?

My trail running crew and I would answer yes to all five of these questions if asked.  We love to trail run together as much as possible.  We do lots of talking during our one to eleven hour trail runs.  We’re continually blown away by how amazing it feels to fly past rushing waterfalls or pierce through the chilly clouds to one of Mount Tam’s sunny summits here in Marin County, California.  As my friend Tucker once said, “this isn’t training, it’s living”.

The reason I trail run and participate in events of any length up to 50 Mile trail ultramarathons is because the hobby taps into all aspects of my Belief Energy.  The entire Core 4+2 is involved:

  • Soul–  I genuinely love the soulful aspects of connecting with nature, especially the eucalyptus trees, coastal redwood groves, lush green ferns and rushing waterfalls of Marin County.
  • Tribe- I love the group of friends or family members that I typically run with.  They are supportive regardless of how muddy it is or how many thousand feet of elevation gain we take on.  Mount Tam is like (Home).  My will calls for the sprinkling my ashes along the Dipsea Trail- seriously.  I’ve run 15 Double Dipseas (only a few on the official race day).
  • Health- I enjoy learning the trail networks in different parts of the mountain.  I also enjoy the deep discussions we meander through as we trot through creeks and groves (mind).  Last, but certainly not least, I love all the ways the body benefits from running on soft trails in the woods (surge and rest).
  • Action–  I have to dig deep at times to summit certain hills, stay close to my friends who can be much quicker then me some days or keep things going after several hours or tens of miles (man of action).  I made “man of action” my mantra at the Mount Hood 50 miler in Oregon.  I said that phrase a million times from miles 47 to 50.  I’ll reserve entire post for that three mile stretch.  Let’s just say I dug deep and achieved a life (goal) that forced me to leverage every bit of belief and energy that I had.

Many years ago I was driving on Sir Francis Drake on a Tuesday at 7am and saw a muddy trail runner trotting back into town from the hills.  He’d been out running muddy trails wearing his headlamp before dawn on a chilly wet morning.  Though his clothing was wet and his legs were coated with mud, an orange glow surrounded him.  He too must get a strong charge from running on trails over hills.  I bet he crushed his meetings that day.

Sometimes on weekends I get home after a 3+ hour muddy trail run on Tam before others in my household have even woken up yet.  Though my legs are often thrashed after a long run, I have so much Belief Energy buzzing through me I feel like I could accomplish anything.  I can’t wait to get out on the trails again.

What gets you fired up in this way?  If you don’t an outlet like this yet, let’s find you one.  :)

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3 Responses to BeEnergy Running

  1. Bishopovalley on April 6, 2011 at 8:45 PM

    Thanks, very inspiring. As you know I’ve been changing my lifestyle (health) and it was and is successful based on the Core 4+2. Obviously I didn’t know that but it’s why I’m intrigued by your blog. I have a long way to go but with Core 4+2 I can and will get there.

  2. glenn on April 9, 2011 at 4:41 PM

    BB- you are the Man of Action! Totally inspired to continue to own Man of Action endeavor. It’s not the goal, but rather the journey. There is no greater sound than the sound of the waterfall tumbling down from the stream you jumped across. There is no greater goofy grin than the smile that comes from a bunch of muddy members of the tribe who just hit the bottom of a single track downhill after climbing through the trees, pushing with every ounce of what ya got up the steeps, and then careening down the path at the speed that gravity decides (always faster than you think you can go). Man of Action indeed! Belief Energy, my brother…

  3. Power of Tribe | Belief Energy on May 7, 2011 at 9:04 PM

    […] the view of the entire area from the East Peak (see my post called “BeEnergy Running” to see a picture from what we call “the pulpit” located near the East Peak summit. […]

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