BEing Ahead

December 8, 2012

What will the rest of your 2012 BE like?  What questions about 2013 are you asking yourself?

These are two questions I asked myself with my notepad open on a plane trip home from DC tonight.

For the rest of 2012, I’ll:

  • Pause in this moment.  Then…
  • Cherish my next inhale and exhale.  Then…
  • Enjoy 80 more peaceful and productive minutes on this flight home.
  • Have a 1:1 evening with my life love [wife]…  Dinner and fireplace time?
  • Run under redwoods in the hills of my paradise tomorrow morning?
  • Soak in a fun holiday party and hotel sleepover with my wife tomorrow.
  • Dedicate two more weeks of intensity to my LinkedIn & Belief Energy missions.
  • Take an extended honeymoon in Thailand….a long overdue adventure off-the-reservation.
  • Reflect on a year of evolution and full BEing in all areas of my Core4: Soul, Tribe, Health & Action.

What questions about 2013 are you asking yourself?

Here are mine:

  • In what ways will my openness, authenticity and compassion bloom?
  • What will I experience and celebrate with my tribe of family, friends and colleagues?
  • What learning will my curiosity welcome?
  • What exciting physical surge and rest [what adventures] will I pursue?
  • How will my work enabling nonprofits and impacting lives for LinkedIn evolve?
  • What exciting things will I manifest for our Belief Energy community in the coming year?


Answer the two questions above.  Reread and redraft your answers multiple times.  Discuss them with your tribe.  Share them on the fb Belief Energy page if so inclined.  We’re excited for you!



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