BEing Quiet

October 14, 2012

Where do you go to enjoy BEing quiet when your agenda gets hectic and your brain noise gets loud?

Coastal giants allowing warm light. See them sway for 22 seconds here: :)

I run or hike into groves of coastal redwoods and fern covered hills just north of San Francisco.

The lure of busy or noisy brain is strong and difficult to evade, but it can BE done.  Even the most healthy among us allows self sabotage, lets stress or fear win, or starts living outside the present moment.  All of these things pull us into our brain and out of our soul and body.

All of them send us to the office or couch or bar instead of the gym or trail or farmers market.  

Take my life for example.  Lots of things on my agenda could chain me to my brain.  For example, I’m…

  • Recovering from a busy week hosting 25 clients in Las Vegas, the world’s most draining city.  My racing mission mind still hadn’t slowed down today (Saturday).
  • Helping my partner and her mother put the finishing touches on our wedding celebration which is now just seven days away.  Weddings and the emotions they carry bring out our most connected and disconnected self.  Inhaaale.  Exhaaale.  :)
  • Contributing to the BEing of everyone interested in optimal living and enabling the social impact enablers within the nonprofit sector.
  • Booking a dream honeymoon to Asia, one that wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the generosity of our tribe. We’re planting a money tree soon. :).
  • Burning standard parenting (child & k-9) and love partnership calories.  The women that live with me are complex creatures.   The puppy we love is always jonesin’ for a walk or eating a table or the like.
  • Supporting family and  friends in need during their personal and professional transitions.

Every one of these exciting and all-absorbing life areas could be a stress factory.  Every one of them has a strong emotional charge and draws on every system I’ve got.  At 11am today I realized that I had a choice.  I could bury myself in brain-only activity all day or I could spend a few hours completing key open items for each area then wander into the redwoods with my dog for a quiet and healing run.

I didn’t let stress or busy brain and the sub-optimal living result they can produce win.  By the end of my run on the mountain I was calm, tired, hungry and ready to pour ideas and feelings into this post.  Before scarfing down a heaping plate of Thai fried rice (a honeymoon warm up), I took a nap in a park near my house.  Here’s what I looked up at as my brain settled down even further.

Click here to watch these trees sway for 22 seconds. Take a deep breath or two.

I charted a similar breakthrough during my run.  A few miles into it, while running up a street called Summit (not a name you ever see on flat streets), my brain started to get the upper hand.  Here are just some of the thoughts that bombarded me during an especially steep part of the route:

  • Your body is getting older.
  • Your knee, hip & back won’t let you do this for much longer…it’s only a matter o’ time
  • You didn’t exercise all week, why do this today?
  • Your lungs aren’t strong enough for uphill running.
  • You need to lose some weight and get some more sleep.
  • You need your partnerships at work to close.
  • You…blah Blah BLAH…
After ten minutes of letting brain-dominated self defeating noise rule something shifted…I felt a gust of cool clean coastal air sweep down the ridge and pass through me.  I smelled it.  It carried the distinct healing smell of eucalyptus and other beautiful coastal trees.  The breeze patiently quieted the limited thinking that was holding me captive and making the ascent no fun at all.
  • My perspective shifted from loud to quiet.
  • My breathing pattern deepened.
  • Past and future thinking faded.
  • I felt more connected, relaxed and energetic.
  • I locked back into a more comfortable uphill running cadence.
  • I felt the sun on my skin.

I smiled as Mt. Tam’s east peak came into view as I rose above tree line.  It’s amazing the clarity and calm a couple hours in the woods helps me regain.

Think of a place or activity that can help bring similar freedom to you.  Journal about it.  Tell 11,000 of us about it on the Belief Energy facebook page.  We want to learn from you.


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